Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunrise..Sunset... Is there a Difference?

When I first moved here in June, I woke up the first few mornings to bright sunshine and immediately thought I was late for work. I looked at the clock only to find that it would read 4:45AM. Huh? With my new move comes a new latitude. The sun came up early and was out all day - often after I went to bed. Did I move to Alaska? Now however, with the onset of winter, it's dark. A lot. The sun rises around 8:04AM and sets at 3:50PM. Well, technically. Some days with the clouds and rain that I'm not sure the street lights turn off. So what does one do when it is dark all the time? You ask for a few specific Christmas gifts.

Here, Tucker models 'his' new present to help when we run in the dark. What? You don't get it?

How about now?

Even better - it blinks!
Safety first - that's our motto.

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