Friday, June 14, 2013

When Not Racing in Spain

When not racing in Spain, it seems that I did the same things I did when I was actually racing in Spain. Hmmm... funny that. 

Now however, I've got the water to myself. Morning swims before stuffing my gob with croissants put me in a happy place.

That's me taking in the view after our big climb to the top. I could use a wider road, luckily, not too many cars.

After all that exercise, I needed a little pick me up at the end of the day. Look at the cute carafe of orange juice. I think I must have paid a premium for that.

For Katy's birthday, we went to an excellent tapas place. It was the ultimate definition of sharing - everything just came as plates of two. It was so so so yummy.

Katy was also in need of some refreshment after all the cycling. The sun, the water, the wine - good stuff.

Nothing like a few hairpin turns.....

This is what you do when you get to the top!

And just to show that I actually know how to put my feet up, this is what happens when I get back down to the bottom.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mallorca - and this time I raced

I will apologize upfront for this post. I'm either in athletic gear or I'm eating. I've got more pictures of Mallorca (Spain) for the next one and there will be less lycra or neoprene. I think. 

I went to Spain again this year. After being inspired by Paul and Gope (see last year's posts), Katy and I decided to sign up for the half ironman. Unfortunately, she ended up injured and couldn't race but still came out to enjoy her birthday and holiday with me. Before the race, we did a recon of the course route. At the top of the climb, Kenneth (American), me, Katy (British) and Christophe (Belgian) stopped for a photo. I look teeny tiny next to these very tall people.

A few days before the race I'm trying to keep the protein and carbs up. The fish is bigger than the plate. Oh yeah.

 Since it has been so cold in England this year, it's the first time I've put the wetsuit on since August. So nice to go for a swim in warm water! Christophe, Kenneth and I put in some practice before the race.

 Pre-race dinner. We had a table for 8 - the benefits of being part of a club. You can always convince someone to travel with you to exotic race locations.

 Race morning!

 In front of the start.

 Surviving the swim. You know it is me because you can see John Hart's nose clearly protruding in this photo. It was actually one of the toughest swims that I have ever done. There were so many women in my race wave that we were battered about for about 1500 metres before it felt like you had room to swim. Unfortunately, then the men began to overtake so we were battered about again! Grr...

 Came in with an okay bike time. However, my form is awful. AWFUL. I probably could have gained an extra 10 minutes on my bike had I properly fit to my aero bars. Or used a time trial bike. I think one of these days I may actually have to borrow one and feel the magic. In the mean time, note to self: do not install your aero bars the day before a race. Practice first.

 Lastly, coming in on the run. Yeah, I survived!!! (and I did pass that guy in front of me)

I always kid around that when I sweat, I lose a lot of salt. Proof that I've like to lose good old NaCl. Not attractive though, eh?

Post race celebration. Big thanks to Katy for being a great athletic supporter and camera woman!