Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tucker's New Favorite Pub

Since the weather has been so lovely, I finally got around to visiting a much talked about pub called The Bounty. It's a bit secret as it is only accessible by foot, boat or bike. It's right on the river and there is no car access so it's a fun walk from the nearest car park (it might be a mile? ) along the river. With the weather as lovely as it was, I took the opportunity to take Tucker up to meet my friend Katy. 

Katy (and friends Chris and Gervase) kept telling me how dog friendly it was. I assumed as most pubs in Windsor are dog friendly, that it meant dogs were allowed. Oh no. They take it too a new level here. Just the welcome sign alone means they expect more than just dogs. They even allow children!

We were lucky enough to get seats right on the water. I'm afraid the picture does not do this place justice as there were easily at least 20 dogs wandering about. Some on leads, some just saying hello and some taking a snooze as it seems their owners may have been here for awhile.

I went in search of food and came across the vegetarian menu.. and at the bottom......

The doggie menu!! Too bad Tucker already had dinner or the Mixed Sausages and Burgers would have been his for the taking. He's begging to go back though - I think this could be his new favorite pub.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Taco Truck

I work near an area that is under going some major construction. Some one had a brilliant idea to make the area a little less desolate by inviting food trucks to set up shop each day. Five differnet trucks are invited and scores of people head out to watch the construction progress and have lunch.

I finally went when I saw that a proper taco truck was on the menu for the day. Fish tacos!!! When I got there, it seems that everyone else is missing the taco truck experience too. Look at this queue! (Line to my American readers) In the end, I settled for a burrito and it wasn't bad. I think there might be a business opportunity here.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birthday Presents

So I couldn't just talk about my birthday without sharing some of the other fun. I got some fun food from my family (yes, I still miss a few of my old favorites but after 5 years am really adjusting to the cuisine here), several bottles of bubbly and some other very thoughtful books, gifts, and jewelry from friends. My two 'big' gifts get photos though.

Since on average I ride a bicycle 6 days a week, I figured that I need to be comfortable, right? So - a new commuter bike was decided up on as a birthday gift to myself (it was either this or the Garmin so what can you do?) and this flash machine arrived. It's a bit posh for me and I'm trying to find some cool places to ride it, but I'm still in love with it and oh so happy to be riding it in this great weather.

My other big prezzie was a trip to Wimbledon. I had a fantastic day out - I saw Boris Becker for the second year in a row - and some great tennis. Too bad my 'Go USA' vibe didn't help Serena win this match.

Also on Centre Court. Cool! Cool! Cool!

And just to gloat a bit, a photo of drinking some bubbles on the lawn while watching tennis in the sun. Who says it isn't any fun to turn 40?!!?!? (PS: Riding single speed bicycles is really fun)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Antics

So another lame post with mainly just people in it but it was my birthday, and it is all about me anyway, so you have to suffer my birthday antics. First off, I had the party dress on (although it cooled off so hence the sweater/jumper) but Christophe said I needed a party hat. Therefore, dorky hat worn.

It was determine that Ronny fit better in the hat than I did.

I was lucky enough to have a few cakes over the weekend. For some reason, they kept displaying my age on them. Geesh. Enough already! The Chocolate Cafe made me a swim, bike , run cake. Yum!

All smiles with Janice and Louise. That's because we are drinking bubbles. Happy!

The second cake is a bit more 'home-made'. Yep.

Due to the enormonity of the age, it was a full birthday weekend. Friday was spa and dinner, Saturday (above photos) were party party and Sunday was a birthday bike ride and barbeque.

Turns out, it was also a party for the queen. Seems it was her birthday/jubilee weekend as well. Yep, that's how I roll.

I went to a barbeque at Kate and Gerard's as it was his birthday was well. Do we really look 40 and 52? I think not!

Does anyone else think this looks like we are cutting a wedding cake? Hilarious.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

60's Fun

It's our 50th anniversary at work, so we had a 60's themed party. I'm hanging out with the guy who is an insurance specialist at work. Who knew the soft spoken guy in Finance was an inner hippie!?!??!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rock the Moor with Friends

Nothing too exciting but thought I would post some pictures of a bbq with friends as it was a fun day. And, I stayed home for a change. BTW - this was mid-May.

Tim Phillis (far left) hosted the party in his backyard so we could listen to the concert held on the moor behind us. It was cheesy 80's music (Spandau Ballet!) but so fun. Other triathlete gents (you may recognize Chris Taylor and German Tom in there) are enjoying as well.

The ladies are inside enjoying the buffet.

Shannon and Max decide that it is cuddle time with Ronny.

Tim decides it's time to get his groove on while Tucker is trying to sneak something off the barbeque.

Apparently you can't Rock the Moor without a homemade microphone.


Tucker is unsuccessful at the barbeque so helps Max to stand guard at the door and ensure no bunnies invade the party.

Will and Neil are happy to arrive after golf. They got there late. Apparently golf/beers after golf, takes a long time.

Tim keeps rocking out to the music even as the sun sets and he gets lit by his jazzy candles. The man likes his music.

Shannon and I both had our hair done that day so we are showing off. Hooray for Ms. Clairol!

And Tucker wants a hot dog. A lovely day with friends - sorry the post is so boring but it was actually quite hilarious at the time.