Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthday Antics

So another lame post with mainly just people in it but it was my birthday, and it is all about me anyway, so you have to suffer my birthday antics. First off, I had the party dress on (although it cooled off so hence the sweater/jumper) but Christophe said I needed a party hat. Therefore, dorky hat worn.

It was determine that Ronny fit better in the hat than I did.

I was lucky enough to have a few cakes over the weekend. For some reason, they kept displaying my age on them. Geesh. Enough already! The Chocolate Cafe made me a swim, bike , run cake. Yum!

All smiles with Janice and Louise. That's because we are drinking bubbles. Happy!

The second cake is a bit more 'home-made'. Yep.

Due to the enormonity of the age, it was a full birthday weekend. Friday was spa and dinner, Saturday (above photos) were party party and Sunday was a birthday bike ride and barbeque.

Turns out, it was also a party for the queen. Seems it was her birthday/jubilee weekend as well. Yep, that's how I roll.

I went to a barbeque at Kate and Gerard's as it was his birthday was well. Do we really look 40 and 52? I think not!

Does anyone else think this looks like we are cutting a wedding cake? Hilarious.

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