Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rock the Moor with Friends

Nothing too exciting but thought I would post some pictures of a bbq with friends as it was a fun day. And, I stayed home for a change. BTW - this was mid-May.

Tim Phillis (far left) hosted the party in his backyard so we could listen to the concert held on the moor behind us. It was cheesy 80's music (Spandau Ballet!) but so fun. Other triathlete gents (you may recognize Chris Taylor and German Tom in there) are enjoying as well.

The ladies are inside enjoying the buffet.

Shannon and Max decide that it is cuddle time with Ronny.

Tim decides it's time to get his groove on while Tucker is trying to sneak something off the barbeque.

Apparently you can't Rock the Moor without a homemade microphone.


Tucker is unsuccessful at the barbeque so helps Max to stand guard at the door and ensure no bunnies invade the party.

Will and Neil are happy to arrive after golf. They got there late. Apparently golf/beers after golf, takes a long time.

Tim keeps rocking out to the music even as the sun sets and he gets lit by his jazzy candles. The man likes his music.

Shannon and I both had our hair done that day so we are showing off. Hooray for Ms. Clairol!

And Tucker wants a hot dog. A lovely day with friends - sorry the post is so boring but it was actually quite hilarious at the time.

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