Thursday, July 18, 2013

Birthday Presents

So I couldn't just talk about my birthday without sharing some of the other fun. I got some fun food from my family (yes, I still miss a few of my old favorites but after 5 years am really adjusting to the cuisine here), several bottles of bubbly and some other very thoughtful books, gifts, and jewelry from friends. My two 'big' gifts get photos though.

Since on average I ride a bicycle 6 days a week, I figured that I need to be comfortable, right? So - a new commuter bike was decided up on as a birthday gift to myself (it was either this or the Garmin so what can you do?) and this flash machine arrived. It's a bit posh for me and I'm trying to find some cool places to ride it, but I'm still in love with it and oh so happy to be riding it in this great weather.

My other big prezzie was a trip to Wimbledon. I had a fantastic day out - I saw Boris Becker for the second year in a row - and some great tennis. Too bad my 'Go USA' vibe didn't help Serena win this match.

Also on Centre Court. Cool! Cool! Cool!

And just to gloat a bit, a photo of drinking some bubbles on the lawn while watching tennis in the sun. Who says it isn't any fun to turn 40?!!?!? (PS: Riding single speed bicycles is really fun)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a good birthday! - Radhika