Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tucker's New Favorite Pub

Since the weather has been so lovely, I finally got around to visiting a much talked about pub called The Bounty. It's a bit secret as it is only accessible by foot, boat or bike. It's right on the river and there is no car access so it's a fun walk from the nearest car park (it might be a mile? ) along the river. With the weather as lovely as it was, I took the opportunity to take Tucker up to meet my friend Katy. 

Katy (and friends Chris and Gervase) kept telling me how dog friendly it was. I assumed as most pubs in Windsor are dog friendly, that it meant dogs were allowed. Oh no. They take it too a new level here. Just the welcome sign alone means they expect more than just dogs. They even allow children!

We were lucky enough to get seats right on the water. I'm afraid the picture does not do this place justice as there were easily at least 20 dogs wandering about. Some on leads, some just saying hello and some taking a snooze as it seems their owners may have been here for awhile.

I went in search of food and came across the vegetarian menu.. and at the bottom......

The doggie menu!! Too bad Tucker already had dinner or the Mixed Sausages and Burgers would have been his for the taking. He's begging to go back though - I think this could be his new favorite pub.

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