Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekend in Paris

Sorry I'm behind, I spent the first weekend in August in Paris and have tons of lovely photos to share. Just been lazy about getting them together!

It was a surprisingly easy trip. I went to work with my suitcase and then left about 4:30pm for the 10 minute walk to the train station.

Then the magical doors opened and I headed up to the boarding platform. I found this very interesting as I've never gone UP to catch a train before, always down.

I wasn't the only person being whisked away to Paris for the weekend. I forgot the summer tourist season was in full flow.

But, it was super quick and within 15 minutes, we all scurried on the train and found our seats.

I then woke up here! Almost literally. I fell asleep about 15 minutes after the train departed, I slept through the entire time under the Channel, and then woke up at about 8:30pm in sunny Paris. The trip really isn't that long but the time change and my eagerness to get out of work had me with a three hour round trip.

I couldn't resist some evening wandering and a few photos of statues and fountains (more to come).

Did I mention I went to visit my friend Holly? She recently moved from New York to Paris. Am excited to have her only a timezone away now. This restaurant was by her house.

I just wondered if this restaurant has a different translation in French than it does in English?

I thought one might appreciate the different types of roads and buildings in Holly's neighborhood. Definitely not a new build planned community.

I also thought this was great. How often do you see a man smoking and carrying a boat?

Oh yeah, this is why. You need to go out and sail your boat in the fountain. I really thought I was in a Renoir painting for a while.

It was a great weekend - and I've got some lovely photos to share. It's amazing how you can be relaxed about going to Paris when you realize how easy it is. There's no rush to try and squeeze everything in and you just make plans to come back. Easy peasy.

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