Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Not Vegas But....

The other night, someone at work organized a Poker Night at the Fox Poker Club. I don't play poker because 1) you have to think and 2) I don't like it when everyone yells at me for stealing their cards or playing the wrong way. Luckily, I went with a fun bunch and they were forgiving of my ignorance.

At the club, we rent a table and then we all put £20. I'm not sure how many chips we get, I'm sure it is a lot of fake money and I'm sure I really annoy the rest of the table by saying 'How much is that? Two blues and a green?' I really don't care about the monetary value, I just want to stay in the game.

Imagine my surprise when I finally looked up and realized most of the chips are in front of me......Hmmm... I ended up winning the table (best out of 10 players thank you very much)... all for £20 and me saying 'All in!' a bunch of times. I don't think I'm getting invited back.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Fun

The weather turned a bit nicer with some warm temps and sunshine. Sadly, it didn't last long but we took advantage of it.

I took Tucker out to the Queen's Ride where we started out with some eager ball throwing.

 Then it degraded into rolling around on his back like a lunatic.

And then he just sat down to lie in the sun. Needless to say, our walk took a very long time. At least I got to look at the castle while I waited......