Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mark Is Just a Friend

First of all people - Mark is just a friend. He's a friend of the bride from Atlanta, works for the Center for Disease Control and investigates outbreaks. So, when he is busy, look for food to come off the shelves. F-R-I-E-N-D. Got it?

Secondly, I share. By virtue of this blog, I'm a sharer. It's not hard to figure out what I'm thinking or what I am doing. However, if some poor bloke is crazy enough to hang out with me, I will not be sharing that. For Pete's sake I've got to keep a few things private! It is really not fair to him (and I say that only IF there were to be a boy around) and quite honestly, I'm getting tired of the Spanish inquisition every time a boy appears in the blog. Dave, Tom, Mark - all friends. Okay? Are we good? Excellent.

Mark and I started the trend (actually Mark did as I joined him on the dock) and here's the whole gang before the sun sets. We were the only ones left at the end of the wedding weekend. We'd be an Ambercrombie and Fitch ad if we weren't all so old.

Another fantastic shot from Lili, the bride's sister-in-law, as the sun sets.

And finally, me and the other bridesmaids watching the bride. I've got more photos to entertain you with but they need to wait until I'm back home with the Tucker Monster. Have a good weekend everyone and remember: Boys in this blog are friends. :0)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If the Holiday Has To End, then This Isn't a Bad Way to Go

Sunday night before we headed back to the real world..... Mark and I watch the sunset..... A wonderful weekend - pictures and stories to follow after I'm back in the UK....How can you not relax here?

Monday, August 17, 2009

All Roads Lead To...

Rome. This weekend we did another tourist ride and headed to the abandoned Roman town of Silchester. The original city wall still surrounds the town and so we explored a bit while fueling up for the return to Windsor.

On our ride leader's map, it also showed all the old Roman roads leading out from the town. On the map they are nice and straight which is I'm sure why the English don't use them. I'm constantly getting lost in this country because

a. The roads are NEVER straight
b. Usually any landmark is hidden behind some giant hedge
c. The streets change names every time there is a major intersection
d. That assumes you actually know what street you are on because street signs are optional in this country.

The story they tell me is that during the war, the English took down all the street signs so the Germans couldn't figure out where they were going. Since the English already lived there, the locals already knew their way around. When it came time to put the street signs back up - (because you never know when the Germans might come back) - they are fewer street signs and they are placed in spots which can easily be taken down again. Which means, they are put in areas where you can't actually see them from your car.

But I digress. Here Simon checks out the top of the Roman wall. Sorry for the exposure. I was using my new crackberry camera. Had I known we were going somewhere interesting I would have brought the real camera along.

Lastly, I'm flying back to the States for the wedding of this lovely couple therefore the British posts will be put on hold for a couple of weeks. After the nuptials I'll be in Cali for work and then back home again. Tucker is off to the spa (kennel) for a couple of weeks so no dog pictures either. I know y'all are going to miss me.......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My New Favorite Pub

This one allows dogs AND horses!

This horsewoman is enjoying a glass of wine before heading out for an evening ride. Nice!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On The Road Again

On the bicycle that is...No dog post this time, just another one of me biking. But let me tell you, it really made me happy. I didn't work, I didn't do chores - I just went out with friends on a beautiful day and rode my bike to Oxford. (For more on Oxford, check out last July's 'Working on the Weekend post')

Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous. We had 20+ people at the start. Some turned around at different points and others carried all the way on.
Cycling through High Street in Oxford. There was an amazing amount of buses.

Jane and Holly in front of one of the colleges while we are stopped at a light.

Previous abbey turned into student housing....

Our destination! The pub at The Head of the River.

Proof that it sits at the head of the river. Several hen/stag parties were rowing about but sadly, I didn't get a picture of their silly river costumes.

Our reward.. mmmm... beer....Rob and I are happy campers now.

The rest of the crew. Only Chris is as happy as Rob and I. The rest are being good.... No pictures of the return trip as it was at quite the quick pace. I only got to stop to breathe. I didn't mind though.....Happy, happy Lynda....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alternative Housing

I'm still working too much. Good thing I created this post in May just in case I ran out of material.

A popular housing and travel option here in the UK is the house boat. Due to the massive canal and river structure in the UK (thank the Romans who needed to move their armies around), house boats line the shores
You've got your basic house boat tied up next to the river bank (ignore Tucker looking guilty in the picture)

Then you've got your house boats that are permantenly moored (as permanent as a boat can be) by the river side where you settle into mowing the lawn and tending the garden.

And then you've got the boats where you put your garden ON the boat. Not much room on this deck!

There you go. Just something I found interesting as Tucker and I walk by so many on our Thames jaunts.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marketing Strategy?

I know I'm not in marketing, but I have to question this one. Apparently this chocolate bar is targeted towards men.

I wonder if it works better when the boys are 10 years old?