Monday, November 29, 2010

Tucker Shoes

For Thanksgiving, I got to spend some quality time with my nephew. I have to admit, he's a pretty cute baby even if he did come from my brother.

Tague is certainly a stylin' little man.

Just check out these shoes! Who does he idolize?

It has to be Tucker.

You be the judge.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Hart In San Francisco

This post is for my wonderful friend Wendi who let me stay with her in San Francisco last weekend. She is going to be a bit surprised when she finds out that I reset her internet home page to be my blog. It's only because I love her.... ;o)

Sunrise over San Francisco as seen from Wendi's deck. I had fantastic weather the whole California part of the trip. The state is making it very difficult to return to Blighty!

I played tourist for a couple of days and had a lot of fun in the Ferry Building. How can you not love a place that severs Tasty Salted Pig Parts?

Far West Funghi ? Also very creative!

Wandered on the Embarcadero. Loved the view of the Bay Bridge off the pier.

For those who know the NBA, love the clarification from the Advertising company.

Not the best picture but Alcatraz in the background behind the boats.

To be the ultimate tourist, you have to spend some time on Pier 39. I had a hard time concentrating among all the delicious smells...

I got lost in here.

But found my way out and then got stuck in here.

This was part of the reason I got stuck. A glass of California wine and this view? Oh how I like being on holiday/vacation.

Once I was up and moving again, I had to stop for the famous view. Is it just me or does everyone think of Sean Connery saying 'The Rock'?

The Ferry Building was also scene to some good Harvest / Thanksgiving displays. Charlie Brown would be so proud.

Back at Wendi's place, the little pumpkin sits on the porch lording over the spectacular view.

A bit of a repeat but I couldn't help but show how great of a day it turned out to be.

Lastly, my wonderful friends Karena, Patti, Beth and Wendi. It was great to be back in their company even if only for a few days. Whahoo!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Saturday was the last race of the season. Last week's course recon paid off and I took 7 minutes off of last year's race! Unfortunately, I still finished in 6th place. Once again, one out of the money. I definitely screwed up the end again and went into the final run lap very hungry. Another note to self, when you race for that long, you gotta eat more than one banana on the bike.

Jon Elliot took a nice picture of me rolling into transition after the final bike lap. Do you think I'm under dressed or the guy next to me is over dressed? It was a bit chilly. However, my race strategy was to blind everyone with my transulence. Apparently, it failed.

After almost three and a half hours racing, it was back home to get glammed up for the end of year triathlon banquet. No awards for me this year but it was a lovely evening. It was great to see everyone all dressed up and Darran here made for good eye candy.

Needless to say, the festivities ran late and I may have enjoyed myself a little too much. Therefore, one of these was required the next morning. A bacon and fried egg sandwich. I really, really, really think American's should import this.....
Sorry for the low volume of posts lately. I have to admit, I've been a little too busy for my own health. To top it off, I'm packing today for a trip to the homeland. I'm off to see the family and celebrate Turkey Day. So, maybe a few posts as I travel through six different airports in the next three weeks. The probability of me being stuck in one of them is very high.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Course Recon

The last race of the season is this Saturday and it is a tough one. It is the Ballbuster Duathlon which is an 8 mile run, 24 mile bike, 8 mile run. It is 5 times around a loop which means it is five times up the 1.5 mile steep hill. We decided to do a little course reconnaissance last weekend to remind ourselves what we were getting into. .....Fortunately, I got distracted by the beautiful views and fall colors.

The view looking over the South Downs from the top of Box Hill. At this point on Saturday, I will be desperately gasping for air.

For now, I'm smiling. I love riding and running in the fall.

Caught a picture of the boys running up ahead. They are dressed for a Canadian winter. You'd think the Brits would be used to this cool weather by now?

I had to stop and take a picture of this lane. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Lastly, a view from halfway up the climb of Box Hill. This is one of the reasons I don't live in the heart of London. Although I love the city, I love riding and running out here much more......