Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Saturday was the last race of the season. Last week's course recon paid off and I took 7 minutes off of last year's race! Unfortunately, I still finished in 6th place. Once again, one out of the money. I definitely screwed up the end again and went into the final run lap very hungry. Another note to self, when you race for that long, you gotta eat more than one banana on the bike.

Jon Elliot took a nice picture of me rolling into transition after the final bike lap. Do you think I'm under dressed or the guy next to me is over dressed? It was a bit chilly. However, my race strategy was to blind everyone with my transulence. Apparently, it failed.

After almost three and a half hours racing, it was back home to get glammed up for the end of year triathlon banquet. No awards for me this year but it was a lovely evening. It was great to see everyone all dressed up and Darran here made for good eye candy.

Needless to say, the festivities ran late and I may have enjoyed myself a little too much. Therefore, one of these was required the next morning. A bacon and fried egg sandwich. I really, really, really think American's should import this.....
Sorry for the low volume of posts lately. I have to admit, I've been a little too busy for my own health. To top it off, I'm packing today for a trip to the homeland. I'm off to see the family and celebrate Turkey Day. So, maybe a few posts as I travel through six different airports in the next three weeks. The probability of me being stuck in one of them is very high.

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