Monday, July 23, 2012

Turning Water into Whiskey?

I always thought Glenlivet was whiskey. Imagine my surprise when I went to Scotland and found out it was also water. Single malt? More photos from Scotland soon.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Poor Kid

I hope this kid isn't going to have an accident.

Perhaps he is a plumber in training?

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have to go out of order again to share recent events. I'll get back to my travels in May and June later. Too much going on in July!

At Wimbledon, I had seats on Court 1 for the men's Quarterfinals. Very exciting!

We only had two rain delays which was good since it has been bloody raining here for weeks. I'm getting very tired of commuting by bicycle in the rain.

I also got to see Boris Becker!!!! Holy cow. I used to pretend to be him when I attempted to play tennis with good friends Jeni and Shelley back in our youth. Boris Becker!!!!

All the excitement proved too much for me so I needed a beverage. This being a posh sporting event (I'm just kidding, you could sit on the lawn with a can of beer if you wanted to just like at Nascar), we popped over to the Champagne Bar.

I had to have some bubbles and some strawberries and cream. What can you do? It's tradition. :o)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mallorca 70.3 - But I didn't race

I thought I would finish off the sunny, lovely, warm holiday photos with the race. I didn't race, but I'm tempted for next year. This is what it looks like from a spectator point of view.

Just in case you forgot the race distance or location.....

The longest transition ever! Actually it is. Transition times were very long if you had your bike at the far end

Paul and Gope pulled out the while tri suits since it was sunny You'd almost think these guys were twins.

Getting ready for the swim, Paul brings his lucky cap.

Amazingly enough, these guys were in transtion very, very early, yet were still struggling to get ready minutes before the wave was to be set off. Both Katy and I agree that they are champion faffers.

The beauty of warm water, as a spectator, you actually could stand in to get a good photo before the start.

They're off!!

A bit of a where's Waldo moment, don't you think?

Is it unusual to see a grown woman standing in the sea while carrying a bicycle pump? Not at this race. You can see the Women's wave finishing behind Katy. Not a bad view of the swim exit.

Just fascinated that my feet are in the water while I'm watching the race. Tres cool. Literally.

Gope came out of the water with a big grin on his face. This is, of course, after he checked his watch.

At the finish, Paul checks his feet to make sure they are still moving. A tough, sandy finish to 13.1 miles in the heat. Well done to both Paul and Gope.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Posh Sporting Event

I have to take a break from my chronology of travels to share some recent events. I have been to numerous sporting events (and concerts) where your ultimate goal is to try and sneak some alcohol or other beverage into the venue. It's a bit different at Wimbledon.

You know you are going to a posh sporting event when they tell you how much wine you are allowed to bring in. You also can't eat stinky food around people. My word! (I love it)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mallorca, When You Don't Have To Race

A great part about being a spectator at a beachside sporting event meant no stress and no restrictions on my exercise or eating regiment. Needless to say, I took advantage of it all.

One of my favorite views..... the sun! Weather is rubbish again in England. Did you hear it was the rainiest June in history? Thank goodnesss I had gotten my sun fix in May before that happened.

Spoiling the view? nope! Just relaxing after a pre-race swim in the bay. Gope and Paul were racing, Katy and I were spectators extraordinaire. With that said, I did swim, bike and run while I was there.

I'm trying to pretend this is on Paul's pre-race diet but who am I kidding? I gave him a spoon just to be nice.

Day before the race. Notice what the racing boys are drinking and the spectating gals are drinking? Oh yeah. That's how you go on holiday.

Lovely view of the beach before the big race. It was a bit more chaotic the next day.

This dolphin is also enjoying the tranquility.

Aside from the strange hotel, we were located in a great area. We were quite close to the beach and within walking distance of heading into the Old Town for visiting the market. It's a walled town and has quite a bit of charm.

Keeping my skin the same color as it was in England. Pale.

Loved the view of the old clock tower at the top and the narrow market street. too bad the other tourist wrecked my photo.

Finally, this is after the race (race photos next - not that I am racing but hey), where Gope and I are all smiles as he survived and now we've got sangria. Yum!