Friday, July 13, 2012


I have to go out of order again to share recent events. I'll get back to my travels in May and June later. Too much going on in July!

At Wimbledon, I had seats on Court 1 for the men's Quarterfinals. Very exciting!

We only had two rain delays which was good since it has been bloody raining here for weeks. I'm getting very tired of commuting by bicycle in the rain.

I also got to see Boris Becker!!!! Holy cow. I used to pretend to be him when I attempted to play tennis with good friends Jeni and Shelley back in our youth. Boris Becker!!!!

All the excitement proved too much for me so I needed a beverage. This being a posh sporting event (I'm just kidding, you could sit on the lawn with a can of beer if you wanted to just like at Nascar), we popped over to the Champagne Bar.

I had to have some bubbles and some strawberries and cream. What can you do? It's tradition. :o)

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