Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mallorca 70.3 - But I didn't race

I thought I would finish off the sunny, lovely, warm holiday photos with the race. I didn't race, but I'm tempted for next year. This is what it looks like from a spectator point of view.

Just in case you forgot the race distance or location.....

The longest transition ever! Actually it is. Transition times were very long if you had your bike at the far end

Paul and Gope pulled out the while tri suits since it was sunny You'd almost think these guys were twins.

Getting ready for the swim, Paul brings his lucky cap.

Amazingly enough, these guys were in transtion very, very early, yet were still struggling to get ready minutes before the wave was to be set off. Both Katy and I agree that they are champion faffers.

The beauty of warm water, as a spectator, you actually could stand in to get a good photo before the start.

They're off!!

A bit of a where's Waldo moment, don't you think?

Is it unusual to see a grown woman standing in the sea while carrying a bicycle pump? Not at this race. You can see the Women's wave finishing behind Katy. Not a bad view of the swim exit.

Just fascinated that my feet are in the water while I'm watching the race. Tres cool. Literally.

Gope came out of the water with a big grin on his face. This is, of course, after he checked his watch.

At the finish, Paul checks his feet to make sure they are still moving. A tough, sandy finish to 13.1 miles in the heat. Well done to both Paul and Gope.

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