Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Air Africa

Actually, I think we flew Precision Air, but none the less, it was a first for me.

The domestic airport at Dar Es Salaam doesn't have very many jet bridges. In fact, it doesn't have any.

When they call everyone to the airplane, it is first come, first serve on seating arrangements. Actually, that isn't true. The tallest guy got to sit next to the pilot. I was jealous.

 We are all taking pictures in the plane as we have never sat so close to the pilot. Even if we have, we've never seen the pilot as even commuter air generally has the pilots separated from the passenger. See the tall guy in the passenger seat in front? Yep, that is NOT the co-pilot.

I am enthralled on my view from my window.

 Passing over some islands. You can just see the lovely blue lagoons.

Lastly, I was also a bit unnerved to see the runway. Again, unless you are in the cockpit, not something you get to see everyday. It made my 25 minute flight very enjoyable!! (Thank goodness it wasn't raining)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Out of Africa

I just returned from a trip to Zanzibar in Africa, but then turned around and went on a long weekend to the Isle of Wight. At the same time, my boss is leaving work and I'll be taking over his duties from now on and my landlord has kindly evicted me as they want to sell the place instead of renting it. So - I'm whinging to say that I've just been a bit busy - but will update the blog with photos and adventures soon!

The beach outside of our hotel. I wasn't missing my bicycle. Nope. I was enjoying the heat though!

The view from the hotel. Can you see how busy it was? :o) More photos soon - it was a great trip.