Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I hate moving....although it is good to purge and cleanse.... I've already taken two car loads to charity/Goodwill and I haven't even cleaned out my own room yet.

I told Tucker to make sure he picked up his toys and then found him sleeping in the sun. Doesn't he realize how much there is to do??!?! My boy is such a slacker.... France photos next. I promise. Once I've moved. So, it might be next week. Yeah, next week....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Sir, I do NOT have a Problem

As I mentioned below, I have to leave my employer in order for me to stay and play in this country. Therefore, I decided to place one last order to take advantage of my employee discount.

You don't think it is too much, do you? I only ordered 42 cases. Don't worry, 10 of them were 6-packs. Everything in moderation......

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Team Spirit Volume 2

Another reason to join a team - you've got people to draft off of in team races. :o) We raced the BananaMan race as a Team Time Trial. It means the three member teams needed to cross the transition and finish lines together. Rob came out and took some good shots of the race. I really like this of the men's team as they come across the bridge.

The BTS Old Boys on the finishing stretch into the run.

Me and my chicken arms leading our team to a third place ladies finish. I probably shouldn't mention that there were only three ladies teams in the race??

Monday, August 16, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

The time has come when my two year assignment in England has come to an end. As you might be able to tell from a few of the blog posts, I've really enjoyed my time in Blighty and in traveling to other interesting destinations.

So... I decided that I'm not quite ready for the fun to end. My dog is certainly not ready to return to the land where he can't come with me to the pub or where he spends 80% of the time being walked on the leash instead of the 20% he spends on it here. Therefore, in my dog's best interest (I say that only for comedic effect of course), I've decided to stay.

Unfortunately, this means I have to leave my long standing, wonderful employer. It makes me sad as I've enjoyed my time with them tremendously and quite frankly, wasn't entirely ready to be done. But I'm on a timeline as my job in the UK has come to an end so with regret I'm saying goodbye to the company and hello to unemployment. Not the best situation mind you but I need to make sure I'm not deported first before I can look to continue contributing to society.

So - stayed tuned for more updates. The blog is still way behind with races, France, cycling and my recent trip to the coast but I'm sure I will be caught up soon. I'm going to have an awful lot of time on my hands in two weeks so perhaps then? Contact details to follow in emails. You can always reach me from the blog or Facebook. The work email is only good until August 30th.

Stay tuned for the next adventures of Lynda and Tucker. We are no longer going to be ex-pats. Does this just make us pats? Or exes? I don't think we qualify to be Brits just yet.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tom and Vicki

Got married!

And I got to go to the wedding. Big congratulations to the bride and groom.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I went to the gas station (petrol station) last night and searched for the usual plastic glove. I couldn't find them anywhere. Why? They finally put the sleeve on the gas pump so fuel doesn't run all over your hands. Whohoo!! And who said the Brits can't evolve? (see an earlier post for the background)

I love progress......

Monday, August 9, 2010

Prague Wanderings

Going through the final Prague photos, I just had to share a few that made the weekend that much more relaxing. I'm telling you, you gotta visit. I swear this is the last of the batch. Look for a few races and France next.

View from our 'rest stop'. We stopped at the top of the hill for a glass of wine. Yes, this doesn't suck.

Beth relaxing during our boat tour. We had lovely hot weather. Although, not as hot as California I hear.

My love for statues - I thought this 6 headed snake sea serpent thing was a great symbol to the boats passing by.

On the other side from the snakes is this lady is shaking her torches at the boats. Is this medieval speak for put your headlights on?

The Venice of Prague - a little waterway with houses, shops and a few docks

Beth on the Charles Bridge. We tried to figure out when it wasn't heaving with people, unfortunately, it always was. Then again, it was nice outside so I can't blame them.

Pan and the magic flute

Lastly, some fun outdoor dining. It was great sitting in between the old castles and enjoy the cooler evening temps. Although, I don't think I've ever seen so many Italian restaurants!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Traffic Control

While in Prague we walked down to the water area to have dinner. The gap between the buildings is only big enough for one person so there was a traffic light to let you know if it was safe to start ascending or descending the stairs.

Can you see that Beth is defying the light?!?!? Sorry, the picture is a little dark.

Press the button for the walk signal. Hilarious.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wallenstein Gardens

So sorry... was away again and forgot to post before I left. Now I'm really behind with Prague to finish, a fun triathlon, Paris, the Tour de France and Alpe d'Huez. Whew. I'm tired already. More to come but for now, here's a bit about Wallenstein gardens in Prague

Built by an eccentric old man (aren't they all?) the gardens start with a great pond surrounded by lush greenery and statues.

For some reason it seems as if the statues in Prague tend towards a bit of violence?

A little something out of Clash of the Titans. This walkway is lined with all the Greek gods like Neptune, Zeus, Achilles, etc.

I think Beth is trying to get Cupid to shoot her with an arrow.

In the gardens wandered an albino peacock.

At the end of the gardens is this 'rock' wall. Built to resemble stalagtites.

However, upon closer inspection of the rock wall, you can see all sorts of crazy faces and animals.

Can you make out the lizard (?) in this one? Maybe a cobra?

A better idea of scale as Beth searches for more scary creatures. I'm afraid the pictures don't do the gardens justice. It was strange yet peaceful garden which made for interesting sites. I highly recommend.