Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wallenstein Gardens

So sorry... was away again and forgot to post before I left. Now I'm really behind with Prague to finish, a fun triathlon, Paris, the Tour de France and Alpe d'Huez. Whew. I'm tired already. More to come but for now, here's a bit about Wallenstein gardens in Prague

Built by an eccentric old man (aren't they all?) the gardens start with a great pond surrounded by lush greenery and statues.

For some reason it seems as if the statues in Prague tend towards a bit of violence?

A little something out of Clash of the Titans. This walkway is lined with all the Greek gods like Neptune, Zeus, Achilles, etc.

I think Beth is trying to get Cupid to shoot her with an arrow.

In the gardens wandered an albino peacock.

At the end of the gardens is this 'rock' wall. Built to resemble stalagtites.

However, upon closer inspection of the rock wall, you can see all sorts of crazy faces and animals.

Can you make out the lizard (?) in this one? Maybe a cobra?

A better idea of scale as Beth searches for more scary creatures. I'm afraid the pictures don't do the gardens justice. It was strange yet peaceful garden which made for interesting sites. I highly recommend.

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