Monday, July 19, 2010

Keeping Time

In Prague, one of the must see attractions is the astronomical clock. Per the guide book 'The Astronomical Clock has been ticking and pulling in the crowds since 1490, although its party trick is laughably unspectacular. Every hour on the hour, from 8am to 8pm, wooden saints emerge from trap doors, while below them, a lesson in medieval morality is enacted by Greed, Vanity, Death and the Turk. However look a little longer and try and figure out the complicated zodiac figures on the clock's face, reputedly there are some occult mysteries encoded in them. '
Amazing when you think about when it was built. 1490?!?!?

Each day of the year.

A picture when the saints are looking out through the window. It really is quite funny as big crowds appear for the 45 second show. Although I did enjoy the miniture death statue ringing his bell. Tres cool.

Not to be outdone by the astronomical clock, the palace boasts one of the oldest sundials. (India has the oldest and most accurate sundial - see an earlier blog post). Gotta love a town that likes to keep on time. I know I wasn't late. :o)

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