Monday, August 9, 2010

Prague Wanderings

Going through the final Prague photos, I just had to share a few that made the weekend that much more relaxing. I'm telling you, you gotta visit. I swear this is the last of the batch. Look for a few races and France next.

View from our 'rest stop'. We stopped at the top of the hill for a glass of wine. Yes, this doesn't suck.

Beth relaxing during our boat tour. We had lovely hot weather. Although, not as hot as California I hear.

My love for statues - I thought this 6 headed snake sea serpent thing was a great symbol to the boats passing by.

On the other side from the snakes is this lady is shaking her torches at the boats. Is this medieval speak for put your headlights on?

The Venice of Prague - a little waterway with houses, shops and a few docks

Beth on the Charles Bridge. We tried to figure out when it wasn't heaving with people, unfortunately, it always was. Then again, it was nice outside so I can't blame them.

Pan and the magic flute

Lastly, some fun outdoor dining. It was great sitting in between the old castles and enjoy the cooler evening temps. Although, I don't think I've ever seen so many Italian restaurants!

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