Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Castles on the Coast

I did a race along the coast and got to swim in the sea!
I liked this view between the houses with the pathway down to the water.

I have to admit, I was extremely freaked out that it was going to be a very cold swim. It was cold air! However, I was very surprised when the water turned out to be quite warm. Too bad the air wasn't as nice.

Had to take a picture of the lines (queues) coming out both doors of this fish and chip shop.

Part of the charm of this area is Corfe Castle. I LOVE how it just rises up at the end of the street. Not much has chanaged in a few hundred? thousand? years.

Nothing like hanging out at the pub with the ruins of a castle for a view.

I know, lots of pictures for something that looks a bit like Stonehenge. But it's history, and it is cool, and it is by the water. A good place to whiz by on your bike and have some fish and chips.

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