Friday, September 30, 2011

Kate's Wedding

My brother left me a voicemail message last night saying he hadn't seen an email update in a while. I decided to check the blog today and am appalled that I haven't updated it in ages. It is so sad that I have been working way too much and even out of work can't seem to find the time. So - I am re-inspired and vow to get caught back up. 

 Recently, I went to another British wedding. Kate (from the tri club - as usual) got married. Here Louise and I are all dressed up in front of the church. How cool is it that we got to walk there from our houses. S-w-e-e-t.
 Even better, no driving or taxi needed. The Wedding Special bus took us to the reception.

 Whoop! Whoop! A trip on the big, red bus.

 The bride and groom arrived at the country house/hotel in a little better style than we did.

 Lovely Kate gives us the low down on why the ceremony started so late. Answer: Her hair took too long.

 Once we tell her how beautiful she looks, we head across the courtyard to the reception.

 I believe you used to park your carriage here....

 The setting was lovely and we started with drinks on the grounds.

 It even had it's own hedge maze. You can just see it behind the dark green hedge row.

 Pretty pretty....

Did I mention the groom has a Scottish heritage? If it ain't Scottish, it's crawp!

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