Monday, February 3, 2014

More Famous People and A Sports Show

When I was at the event in the last post (the cycling charity dinner), I won at an auction a trip to watch the BT Sport short hosted by Claire Balding. I think she is pretty cool after seeing her commentate at the Olympics, and then read her book, I became a giant stalker fan. Well, maybe just a fan. So I jumped at the chance to meet her.

We went to the studio and got a tour of the set and the green room before the show started taping. We were part of the studio audience and you could see and hear us on tv. Well, only because Johannah screamed 'Go Luton!'

We also got to enjoy the green room. Here Janice and I take advantage of the free food and drink and try out the telephone booth sofa.

We got to meet all the guests - here we are pictured with David James - former England goal keeper. I wisely did not mention when England tied the United States in the last World Cup. Imagine me being good for a change...... The other guests were boxer Marvelous Marvin Haggler and tennis legend Ilie Nastase. It was quite good fun.

And finally, we got to meet Claire. She was great fun and very personable. I highly recommend watching her show and reading her book!

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