Monday, August 11, 2014

Nine Lakes Challenge - part 1

At the end of May 2014, I particpated in a charity fundraiser with some other members of the tri-club  to mountain bike and hike by nine lakes in one day. It was in aid of a charity called Children in Need that has a character called Pudsey bear as the mascot. Thus, we got decked out in our Pudsey ears.  

Unfortunately, the day did not dawn clear and bright, but started wet and windy. Thus, I'm a bit dressed for winter from the start. I'm hear with Phil, who organised the event.

Julia also has her Pudsey ears on and Jo is all smiles as we get ready to head out.

A little pre-start line selfie just to show I'm smiling, and yes it is raining. Good thing we have so much flourescent yellow to lead the way.

The view looked much better in person - at least it was a little crisper. Really liked the stone walls everywhere.

Julia navigates the treacherous path....

We also had a few water hazards along the way, not to mention trying to cross the water, stay on the bike and avoid the hikers!

At the summit, still a bit cloudy...

About to head down to lake number 3. Nice wide trail so no danger of falling off here. Well, not true. With me there is always danger.

Luke shows us how it is done and with the Pudsey ears!

Taking a break at the tea stop.

How do you fit so many bicycles at the tea stop? Very carefully. I've got some more photos from the official photographer on the home computer, one actually proving that I rode the bike. But, this is the gist of it - will add more soon! Stage 2 - hiking - comes next.

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