Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tour de France

Finally you say. Something other than pictures of the dog! Yes, I'm back. Amazing how I'm still scary busy and I'm not yet working. How did I ever manage my life with a job? Sorry, I digress. I'm finally getting the France pictures out. I've got a ton to wade through so like Prague this could be worth a good 6 posts or so......

Part of our Paris timing coincided with the finish of the Tour de France. Yes, THE cycling event of the season. Okay, maybe not - but it did give us some good fun. The Garmin Transitions team stayed at our hotel. I had serious bike envy.

We stayed just at the 1km to go marker across from the Jardin des Tuilieries. The weather wasn't the best (you can see the gray skies) but it wasn't broiling hot so that was good.

Wide, empty roads ready for the cyclists.

Do you think this kid is a fan?

We decided we wanted a different vantage point so hiked up to the Champs Elysees to watch the riders go up and down the cobblestones. The road looked treacherous to walk on so I was especially impressed when they came flying by on their narrow tires.

Before all the cyclists came through, the sponsors had a parade. Here the sponsors of the yellow jersey have a little fun with their mini.

How fun would it be to drive this car??!?!?!?

Here they come!! The lead motorcycle is on the way.

They went by so fast I couldn't even focus. See the yellow jersey. Safely riding behind the Astana boys.

More peloton... seriously whizzing by....

And lastly, a picture of Lance. I know, you probably expected more from me but honestly I couldn't focus on everything. Also, I didn't have my camera ready at some opportune times. Oh well, lesson learned. For now, more photos from Paris and Alpe d'Huez next. Viva la France!

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