Thursday, February 24, 2011

I've Lost the Plot

Someone asked me the other day ( I think it was my brother) if I had learned any new British words. Generally, it's not the words, but the phrases that I start to add to my daily dialogues. Here, is a very good example of how I have recently 'lost the plot'. Yes, I have lost my mind.

Apparently, the stress of work and moving is taking it's toll. Hence, my wardrobe choice for today is pictured. I didn't notice until I had walked halfway to the train station. How did I finally figure it out? Well, the heels are different sizes and I couldn't figure out why my stride was funny. Yes, I've lost the plot. I mean, seriously? I blame my lack of a sofa and internationl travel. I haven't been on a plane in 12 weeks. It must be withdrawal, right?

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yukari said...

wow, I did exactly same thing as you did. I had a pair of flat shoes. Black and brown. I noticed it when I had a lunch at the studio. I pretended that it was deliberately. But unfortunately everyone knew that " I've lost the plot". I am Japanese living in London....