Monday, February 14, 2011

My New Neighbors

If you are reading this post and you are British, yes, it should be titled 'My New Neighbours'. Sorry. I have to write this in American.

I've moved into number 58. Here you can see my skinny front door which barely allows the handle bars of my mountain bike to make it through, let alone the sofa.

To my left, in number 60, they have a boat in their front yard. Reminds me a bit of the States. Someone always has a boat, RV or pickup truck parked in a yard somewhere, don't they? :o)

To my right are the neighbors in number 56 - who have a slighly annoying cuckoo clock that I hear clucking the hour on occasion and number 54, who I haven't met yet.

Just steps away are numbers 52..... and 50..........

And then look who is next! If I thought the river, the train station and the proximity to the castle weren't good enough, now I have a brewery for a neighbor. This post might need to be titled 'No Sir, I Do Not Have a Problem II'. Tucker and I are looking forward to meeting all of our new neighbors.

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