Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Commuting Duathlon

The new job comes with a new commute. Although there are a vast combination of ways to get to my job in central London, here is my new favorite.

Step 1: Grab the mountain bike from the rack and use it for the commute to the Windsor train station

Step 2: Toodle along the river and enjoy the view. Reality: am late for train so pedal like mad for two minutes.

Step 3: Roll into the train station and get covered, train side parking. For any of my past Kmart consulting colleagues, anyone remember that trek from the parking lot to the building? One day I clocked it at 10 minutes. Much better here....

Step 4: Hop off the train in Richmond and unleash trusty stead #2. The new city commuter bike is ready to roll.

Step 5: The city commute is actually scenic for a bit. I get to roll by Kew Gardens while hanging out in a bike lane.

Another trip by the river - I'm crossing the bridge and get another view of the Thames a meer 40 minutes after the first view.

Step 6: Arrive at work and enter the secret code to lock up my trusty commuter in our sheltered and gated bicycle storage at work.

I'm not the only one who thinks riding in on two wheels is much better... There you have it, my new commute. Also, most importantly, my plea to all my readers - PLEASE watch out for cyclists when you drive and a bike lane is not for driving your car in. I wear my trusty helmet for a reason but I really don't want to use it. I like my new commute so as they teach us as kids 'Safety First!' :o)

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