Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Green Commuter

Sorry for the delay in blogging but I've been away on my annual spring break trip to Italy. I've got some great photos from that trip including some new places. Hopefully I'll get that organized this weekend and get a few travel posts up. In the mean time, I changed the commute around a bit.

Due to some inclement weather, I decided to give the bus a try. I've got a 5 minute walk from the house to pick up the Green Line from Windsor into London.

Since they pulled out the double decker bus, I played tourist for the ride to work and happily sat on the top. However, the highway wasn't really that exciting so I did some work instead. Blech. 

The good news is the bus drops me 5 minutes from work as well so it's a really good commute. Short walk, comfortable ride, I can read or work on the bus and then short walk on the other side. If not for the randomness of traffic, I think the bus might be my preferred method of travel.

Okay, enough of my commute. I'm back in travel / exploration mode so more fun to come...

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