Monday, July 4, 2011

Leader of the Pack

I finally tested out the new camera and as usual, I'm picking my favorite subject. Tucker.

Friends Angie and Anuj headed out of town for a bit of a holiday, so I took charge of the dogs for a week and Tucker had some playmates. We were a bit intimidating as we came around corners but in general, the pack was relatively well behaved.

 Our morning strolls took us by the river as the dogs enjoyed running around like lunatics. Notice how you can see the low rays of the sun? Does this look early? Well, it is. For some reason, even though I get up early, the pack decided 4:30AM was a GREAT time to start the day. Thankfully, I didn't actually leave the house until 5AM. Still, although very pretty, a wee bit early to start a Wednesday.

 After the river, I took the dogs round the bend and they got excited when they saw the castle. I think they heard the corgis were in town.

Lastly, this doesn't look as great in the picture, but seconds before all the dogs were politely lined up to get their paws wiped before coming in the house. Running through the dew in the long grass left me with a bit of work to be done before they could enter. Amazingly enough, they all enjoy the rubdown. Fancy that.

Nothing to do with walking the dogs but more to do with my love of taking pictures of food. Before the dogs came to stay, I met Angie and Anuj for a walk through the park and then we stopped with the dogs at a lovely pub. For some reason we decided to order fish, chips, sausages and meat. Oh yeah. There's a healthy diet for you. More with the new camera soon- it's lovely!!

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