Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yes, I have been MIA. I haven't been on top of my life lately and it reflects a bit in my lack of posting, doesn't it? I even have things to post and have been able to get to it! Anyway, just back from a lovely holiday in France (I finally got a week off) and as I'm swamped with hundreds of emails in my inbox, I thought I would do a quick update before it is another month between posts.

Good friend Patti was in town for work so I took the opportunity to wander around Windsor and the area with her husband Loel. For some reason, we kept stumbling across all sorts of items that were built for us to remember events and people. I found this one particularly moving as it tells us how they roasted an ox and had plum puddings. Hot stuff!

After that, Loel, Tucker and I took a hike to see the JFK Memorial. The British donated land to the States and built this memorial. Technically, I was standing on US soil when I took the picture.

Also near the JFK Memorial sits the memorial to the Magna Carta. It sits in a field where the king and the dukes all met to ratify the treaty. Here I'm photographing a school gnome that has been sent to me to travel around the world and send photos back to the kids in the class.

Interestingly enough, this Memorial (in England if you have forgotten) was funded by the American Bar Association.
Apparently Americans, given our history, are much more fond of this gift of freedom. Please ignore Tucker trying to find a cool place to lay down.

Our last stop on our hike was the Air Forces Memorial.

This was erected to remember those in WWII who never returned home.


It may not have moved me like the Vietnam Wall or Korean War Memorial, but it was great place for reflection.

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