Friday, August 19, 2011

By the Sea Shore

Last weekend, I went down to Swanage for another visit.

It was cloudy on the first day but that didn't stop people from walking up and down the boardwalk enjoying the treats. It certainly did not stop me from having an ice cream.

 As usual, it wasn't just a pleasure trip as the bikes also came down for the Swanage triathlon. Tucker also joined the road trip and you can just see him through the back window.

 He wasn't particularly impressed with the traffic jam on the way down.

 Sunday turned out to be wonderful weather. Here's a good view of the triathlon swim. The photo is taken from transition. You had to walk down to the beach on the left, swim all the way across the harbor to the right, get out of the water (yes, that's get out of the water), run up some stone steps (which I promptly tripped on knocking the girl next to me back in the water) and then head back into the water and back across the bay. Whew! It was lovely actually - the water was gorgeous.

 For my lack of training, I actually did rather well in the race. I finished 11th overall (only out of 55 women) but 5th overall on the bike. It must be the new wheels.....

 After the race, I had to hike back up to the top of the run course to get some of the surrounding views. Needless to say, during the race, EVERYONE had to walk up. It's a long way down to that beach!

 Tucker enjoyed the hike up to the top as well. He was almost as tired as I was.

To celebrate surviving yet another race, I had a pint in honor of the University of Wisconsin. That's right. It's Badger Beer. All in all, a good road trip.

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Anonymous said...

Wish we had some of that Badger beer here at the UW - I'll put it in the Union's suggestion box. Here's hoping all is well with you. I know R is excited to see you later this month. Much love, JRAV