Monday, September 24, 2012

Sarah Gets Married

This is a bit of a long post but I got some pretty good pics so needed to share all in on go.
Another weekend, and another triathlon wedding. :o)  Sarah and Julian got married in her hometown with a gorgeous ceremony and the reception held at her family's farm. Blue skies outside the church.

Just married!

Prepping the getaway mobile...

If I had better use of my camera (which I probably do, I'm just being lazy), I'd have zoomed in on this picture and removed all the random people to focus on the bride and groom. I'll need to work on that.

Walking up to the reception, you know that you are in the country.

The view from the entrance. The marquee is to the right.

All set up for dinner and dancing later.

But first, the small marquee was ready for the guests to arrive.

Sarah woke up on the morning of her wedding to make everyone homemade scones. Wow!!!

Sarah's siblings created a croquet box for the happy couple. It says ' On Your Wedding Day' and unfortunately, my camera does not do the size of the box justice!!

Just in case you were confused. The Sea, The Farm, Dancing, Games, Bubbles and Dinner were all signposted for the guests.

One of the games - giant Jenga! Needless to say, it was good we tried this out before we had to many glasses of bubbles.

The bride in search of her dad. Unfortunately, it was a bit windy but still a magnificient view.

As Julian spent several years in Switzerland, friends gifted a personalized 'Julian and Sarah' cow bell. Just what every new couple needs.

My dates again! Phillipa and Gemma keep me company before the dancing starts.

And yes, the dancing did start. Sarah and Julian through a fantastic party with both a DJ and a live band. The triathletes enjoy themselves.

Smiles all around. A great ending to a great day. 

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