Friday, September 7, 2012

Michael Gets Married

Good friend Michael (from the triathlon club and many earlier posts) got married. He married a wonderful girl from California (aren't they all?) and the wedding was held in his village. It was a lovely weekend and the photos really don't do it justice .. not to mention the fact that I really didn't take enough pics! 

To start, some of my more adventurous friends decided we should cycle down to the wedding. I said, 'sure, why not? It's only 110 miles.' Some how the route took us to one of the highest points in the area. Now that, I did not agree too!

We also had 7 punctures. Needless to say, it took a lot longer to get there then we thought.

The finish! And the site of the wedding reception. The lovely Talbot Free House and Hotel in Somerset/Froome.

Just to prove we made it.

My room after 110 miles. I think I deserve it.

At the wedding, I FINALLY get into the British tradition and end up wearing something on my head. Phillipa, Wayne, Gemma, Baby Austin (in Gemma's belly) and Tom were my dates.

My cycling buddies all dressed up. Hard to recognize them when they are not in lycra.

The bride and groom. Michael and Ariana enjoy a rare bit of sun before the rain kicks in.

A lovely cake.....

The bride and groom.....

And the groom's hair dryer! If you know Michael, you know he can't live without his hair dryer (yes, he is a bit metrosexual). A lovely event and a great start for the happy couple!

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