Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Edinburgh - Part 2

Back in downtown Edinburgh, we continued our walk down the Royal Mile.

I liked this statue (of course, I've forgotten who it is) in front of the cathedral.

It had some amazing detail and very fine work. Amazing what artists will do with concrete....
We are just part of the many crowds heading down to the palace or up to the castle.

Just in case you didn't think that Scottish attire was for everyone, even your pet lion would be decked out!

The palace.

A view from the palace of Arthur's Seat - the crags/cliffs overlooking Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, due to my running the marathon the next day, I couldn't hike up it for the view. It was a lovely day so a bit disappointing that I was 'resting'.

Instead, we hung out on the lawn and enjoyed the sun (and it was a bit windy, which is why Louise's hair is poofy)

Lastly, I ended my Edinburgh weekend with a whisky tasting. I think whisky is an aquired taste.... one that I have yet to acquire. All in all, I highly recommend Edinburgh for a visit.

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