Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tucker's Travels

Too much drama. Way too much drama. But he made it and I'm happy so no more crying for 2008.

The new crate arrived and I made sure that everyone knew who was traveling in it.

All set for the trip from Motown to San Francisco.

At the cargo office, we are first told that Heathrow did not approve the shipment so we waited an hour and a half for clearance. Good thing I called ahead to confirm. Once we get clearance they think the crate is too small. More panic ensues. Finally, I get the go ahead and Tucker is taken off of my hands. For the record, it costs more to ship him than it did for my first car. It looks like it's ramen noodles for me from now on. Wait, no ramen noodles here. Maybe spam?

Tucker gets loaded on to the plane - and we sit. Unfortunately engine no. 4 doesn't want to start for our 747 so we call in engineering. In the mean time, the captain kindly checks on my pooch only to find it too hot in cargo due to our 3 hour ground delay and he gets off loaded to enjoy the fresh air. Most passengers are jealous as we are all stuck in the plane. Luckily they remember to load him back up before we finally take off.

Upon arrival, Tucker gets quarantined due to my faulty paperwork. Apparently, you need a USDA stamp of approval to export an animal. As if he is a piece of meat! Here's where he is imprisoned for the evening.

Thankfully, the vet makes an early appearance and Tucker is issued his very own passport. Twenty-four hours after imprisonment, he is now free to move about the country.

Once free, Tucker makes himself at home on the stoop of number 47.

Finally, exhausted from all his efforts, it's time for an extended nap. And so his new life begins for my ex-pat mutt......


Eva Lopez said...

Congratulations! Mommy and Tucker must be extremely happy.

Julia said...

Love the saga - hey, at least he stayed at the "animal reception center"

Rick said...

It is GREAT to see Tucker with you in London!