Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Traditions

Over the holidays, families or friends who get together often have a tradition or two. Whether it is Christmas Eve mass, baking cookies together, turkey for the Christmas meal or watching football - holidays are often rooted in tradition.

In my family - we bowl.

Once again, we took to the lanes to win the coveted family trophy. Here Rachel shows us that she has been practicing while the trophy oversees the action.

Bob tries to get a little bowling mojo from the trophy.

Does it work?

I show them how it is done. Strike ball.

In the end, I prevail - high score goes to me. And no, they didn't let me win because I traveled the furthest. Poor Ken hands over the trophy during the official ceremony.

The group smiling (but only one of us with a trophy)

The prized hardware - just waiting for my name to engraved for 2008. Better luck next year Bob.....
And for everyone else, I hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with new and old traditions. Enjoy the season....

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