Sunday, December 7, 2008


With the new move, I think I might be using my brain more. I'm constantly doing math in my head to convert numbers to something I might actually be able to understand. Until I actually can understand what the temperature feels like, I'm always converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit to figure out the temperature. Who knew that 16 was not a temperature to be feared? I now know that Tucker weighs about 34 kg and I think I weigh around 8 stone. Even though we drive in miles, the cyclists all have computers they say how fast we go in kilometers. Or maybe I should say how slow I go?

I sometimes fail in conversions. For example, if one were to be slightly tipsy and want to call their friends to share all sorts of very important information at say, midnight in Italy - it's not as funny when your friends are at work since it is only 3PM in their time zone. How many people get to say someone drunk dialed them during the work day? (hypothetically of course because I personally would NEVER do that...oh no. Although, I am flattered that some of my California friends called me at 6AM on Saturday morning. Thanks so much...yeah, right)

Time zones are not the only place that I've failed with my conversions. After smuggling some liquid Tide in on my last trip home (what can I say, I miss the smell!), I apparently haven't figured out the measurements for the British washing machine. At least my clothes were extra clean.

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Doug said...

Next time we'll wait until later to call! We'd had enough to drink that time zones really didn't come into consideration. You know how that is! 6AM is a pretty crappy time to get a call. Early enough to not be pleasant but late enough in your sleeping pattern where getting back to sleep is difficult. We ended up being up past 1AM so that may have been a better time to call. If it makes things any better, just know that we wouldn't have called if we didn't miss you!