Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big Fur Hats and Necessary Boots

After hosting a Thanksgiving day meal a few days after Thanksgiving (my British co-workers actually had to work on Thursday), I spent some more time touring with the family.

We saw the changing of the guard this week. As my sister-in-law stated 'it was extremely boring'. Per my brother, it was 'filled with ritual and large, unexplained time delays'. It didn't help that it was raining. I just liked the big bear hats.

Speaking of raining, I've invested in a necessary piece of equipment now that I'm living on the British isles. I just had to share my new Wellington boots. a.ka. Crazy Fish. Yeah! I've already taken the dog for a walk to try them out and I must say - I'm liking the dry feet.

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lvt4cats said...

Wow. I'm slightly jealous of those boots. My husband would love them. He picked out our "happy fish" shower curtain.