Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had my first official visitors a couple of weeks ago (this means they got to sleep on the spare bed and not on the air mattress!) and wanted to share the fun. Good friends Jed and Radhika left the twins at home and flew all the way over from Madison, WI.

Look kids, Big Ben.. Parliament!

Amazing architecture

Big Ben

Me and Radhika in front of Big Ben and the London Eye

How to dress up a London city block? Use greenery!

Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey courtyard

Jed and I standing in the streaming sun.

Another photo from our visit to Chelsea's stadium (see earlier post)

Windsor Castle

The big hat must be to keep him warm!

Jed and I in front of Windsor Castle

A self portrait of all of us in front of the castle and the Long Walk

And lastly, just a good photo of the three of us from another time - we have been good friends for so long. I can't imagine a time without you. Thanks again to Jed and Radhika for making the trip across the pond.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hospitality, Lynda! We had a great time. And anyone else considering visiting should really get over there. Top notch sites and top notch accommodations.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics Lynda! You are putting the pressure on me to make an offical visit! I will try my best to make it over next year! Hope all is well with you and Tucker...thanks for stopping by at the office on the "other" side of the pond! It was nice to see you again! Don't forget the running shoes next time!

All the best...Michael