Monday, February 9, 2009

Lovin' the Winter Runnin'

I was supposed to run another half marathon on Sunday but it was cancelled due to the weather. The roads were pretty icy so they decided against lawsuits and cancelled the event. Since I ended up with a 'free' day, I took Tucker and the camera out to the Great Park for some fun.

Still some snow on the ground after last week. A few other hardy souls are out early with me. The castle is in the background.

It's a good thing Tucker has to be on the leash in this part of the park. I think Bambi would eat him.

Empty park roads

I want to live in this cute cottage!

The Iron Horse statue opposite the castle. The park is home to around 20 or so monuments - my goal is to get pictures of them all.

Nobody is playing on the polo grounds today. (That's not really an attractive picture, is it?)

The Obelisk is situated opposite the indoor gardens. I probably should have read why this is actually in the park. A gift from the Egyptians maybe?

And finally, Tucker and I out and about. I was fiddling with the self timer when another dog walker came to my rescue. As usual, Tucker won't sit still. No pictures from my bike ride later in the day though. Unfortunately, that wasn't as 'relaxing' as my photo run....


Anonymous said...

Explains where the Obelisk came from. So now you know.

Lynda said...

Interesting. Good to know! (although, I think it is more fun pretending it came from the Egyptians)