Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carnival - Day 1

Okay, so it is Day 1, Saturday, of my first Carnival experience. We start the day getting ready for the parades.

In the spirit of Carnival, everyone gets dressed up. And I mean EVERYONE. Over the weekend I probably saw about 4000 people and only 10 of them not wearing costumes. Here, I think Tucker is a little offended that Sadie decided to dress up like him. Twins!
Mia in Sadie in their real costumes.

At the parade... as Zach says 'paper mache gone bad'

Two large men dressed up like Mermaids. Don't ask why I was taking pictures of their rear ends.

The Cobra Kai make an appearance. Where is Mister Miagi?

A pretty stylish family costume theme. Even the little one wants to shout 'Off with their heads!'

If you don't have a costume, just look like you are going to a football match.

Tucker was a hit with his Mickey costume. All the kids at the parade thought he was styling. AND he wasn't the only dog in costume.

People in the Netherlands ride their bikes everywhere. No exaggeration. Here the Man of La Mancha is off to the parade.

For some reason the parade involved a lot of dancing monks and nuns....

After the parade, it was time to wander around downtown and check out the scene.

Ahhh... fried goodness. Gotta love the street fair/Carnival/County Fair. Mmmmm...

As darkness settles, it's time for the adults to go out for some fun. Voila! Tucker and I are a theme!

Did I mention the Dutch bike everywhere? It's time for some adult beverages for us!

In the clubs, it was wall to wall people in costume. These people know how to have fun! And let me tell you, you just can't say you've been to a party until you've danced to the polka version of Knockin' on Heaven's Door. I'm serious. It was Roll out the Barrel meets Guns and Roses. I still can't get the song out of my head. I need to share it with Wisconsin.

Barb, Zach and I take new Facebook photos.

I think I'm trying to take a picture of the balloons.

After countless high alcohol content hoppy beverages, I decide to put the moves on Prince Charming.

Don't tell Barb/Dutch girl/the wife, but I think it is working. (Remind me later why I actually share these photos with the public?)

Group photo before we call it a night. I haven't had that much beer spilled on me in..well.. ever. All in the name of fun. To be continued.......

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Barb said...

Hilarious! You re-capped it very well!