Thursday, February 12, 2009


Another full moon this morning gave me wonderful running conditions. It's nice when you can actually see where you are going for a change....

Something I really do like about living in England is the fact that when you are driving - you are driving. People here are on the ball, not on their cell phones, not texting or falling asleep at a light. Maybe because you are usually motoring through a roundabout and there really isn't that much 'stoppage' time in a car. I'm not sure - but I like the fact that they keep traffic moving (when not doing 5 sets of road works - which is what is happening on my morning commute right now) And when you are stopped, they let you know to get ready to start going again.

Red light = stop

Red and Yellow Light = foot on the clutch, get in the right gear, poised and ready to...

Green light = Go!

Anyway, thought you might find that interesting for those of you not playing speed racer as part of your daily commute. (By the way - notice the blue sky in these pictures??)

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