Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carnival - Day 2

For day 2 of Carnival, we decided to travel to a nearby city to check out their parade. We loaded up the girls, the dog and the strollers and headed to 's-Hertogenbosch. Yes, that is the city name -complete with leading apostrophe. It is somehow prounced "den-bosch" but I don't get that since it has way more letters in the name. How would Hooked On Phonics handle that?

You don't see this at the train station every day. Yep, everyone is still in costume.

The girls and I sitting nicely on the train. Notice how I've got about 10 more layers on then they do? Oh to be young and immune from the cold and be able to touch your toes...

The girls decide looking out the window is more fun.

Tucker thinks the same thing.

We arrive in town where it resembles Ronald MacDonald gone mad. Apparently the town colors of 's-Hertogenbosch are red, yellow and white.

Got my horse? check.
Got my horse dressed up like Ronald MacDonald? check.
Got my fancy doublet on? check.
Got my glasses on so I can see where I'm going? check.
Got my Heineken? check.

I love the narrow streets and brick housing. When it is pedestrians only of course. I couldn't imagine a car here. It just seems so wrong.

Some serious effort with the cobblestone streets. (Or else I accidentally took a photo with the camera pointed the wrong way. It's a 50-50 chance on that one)

Houses over water. Function and beauty.

And that's it. Back on the train for the ride back. There really was more to see but somehow I just didn't get the camera out enough for this parade. It might have been the search for the perfect french fries that kept me from prolific photos.

Tucker was a trooper and dealt very well with the large crowds. He's pooped and decides to stretch out. He got to ride for free on the train. Me,on the other hand, after losing my ticket I had to fork over 40 euros when the original ticket cost 5 euros. Note to self: don't lose your train ticket

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