Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cycling in Italy - Part 1

For my own little spring break, I took a week off and headed to Italy with some friends for some cycling and fun. We stayed at this great bike hotel - Hotel Dory - and no, the she-man was not there.

My steed for the week. Brand new - fresh out of the box - never been ridden....

Therefore, it only took me one ride to scratch the paint job. I am never allowed to have anything new.

In the Riccione town square

It's not often you get to cycle through streets like these.

Stopping at the top for a well deserved coffee. Friends Julia and Michael relax in the sun.

At one of the lookouts with a view of the Adriatic Sea behind me.

A local's doorway

Beautifuly countryside

Stopping at the barbeque on day 2. Part of our group at the table. Take care not to be blinded by my translucent skin.

Lysandra and Louise with a view of the vineyards in the back.

At the barbeque, instructions for the next day's grand tour were given. Richard gave them in German, Michel in French, Stefano in English and Drelli in Italian. Then they corrected each other depending on the language. I must say, my French improved dramatically on the trip!

For our big ride day, we rode out from Rimini (that's 40km) and it was uphill almost all the way. Climb, climb, climb...

There's snow in them ther hills!

My bike doesn't come with snow tires.

Time to go down!

After a long day in the saddle, it was straight to the bar. We didn't even bother to change before celebrating.

Speaking of celebrating - grand tour day was also Jeeve's birthday. That's right. The man is British and his name is Jeeves.

This is how we roll. John gets waylaid on his way back from the hot tub to start celebrating Jeeve's birthday. I think my liver did more training this week than my legs. So ends day 3 - more photos when I've got a few more minutes.........

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