Monday, March 30, 2009

Cycling in Italy - Part 3

For the last part of my cycling holiday, I thought I'd share the more relaxing photos. Well, they weren't that relaxing when I was running on the beach or through the streets but they CAN be relaxing in the early morning. Our hotel was situated one block from the beach. All along the water, the promenade was decorated with benches, plants, fountains, mosaics, etc. It was an impressive display of making a sidewalk look beautiful. Here the fountains and benches are in the shape of a ship.

Every block or two the stones were worked into a design or symbol. I can tell you that we don't take this much effort with our sidewalks in the U.S.

The view looking North up the coast of the Adriatic. I told you it was relaxing if you go early in the morning.....

There were many, many more to choose from but these were the closest to the hotel so they won by default. Next year, maybe I will branch out a little bit more. A good trip and one I would recommend. Who wants to join me next year? Or perhaps it should be Spring Break Spain 2010??!?!

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Doug T said...

I'll join for the relaxing part . . . let's stick to the 20 oz curls (or 37.5 cL or whatever they use for the beverages in Europe) for exercise!