Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cycling in Italy - Part 2

As promised, the second part of my cycling holiday...
The group at dinner. We had two long tables to accomodate everyone who joined the trip. At our peak on Tuesday evening we had 28 people. I think Jeeves was impressed so many people wanted to celebrate his birthday.

Moi, Gervase, Holly and Jane smiling despite the Grand Tour.

On our 'rest' day, we took it easy and rode up to one of the many castles.

Love this view with the countryside in the background.

Cobbled streets

What happens when 20 cyclists stop for coffee.
Me looking particularly dorky but with a great view of the sea behind me. Is my head really that tiny? And why am I hunched over? This is why I am usually behind the camera.

The view looking towards our hotel.

A lovely little cottage next to the coffee shop.

Who needs a clock when you have a sundial. It was spot on with the shadow pointing towards high noon.

Scary fountain man.

Stopping to regroup after another fun climb. And when I say 'fun', I don't really mean fun.

And lastly, just so you didn't think all we do is cycle and drink, here is everyone in line at the gelato shop. Yum!
Stayed tuned for the last of the photos.....


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast! How fun!!

Sweetang said...

Wow, I can't believe that you cycles thru ITALY!!!! Were thinking of a potential trip to Italy sometime....would love to hear if any recos you may have of your favorite haunts :)