Thursday, June 25, 2009

70.3 Post Race

Race is over. I survived - now comes the fun!

Tom is nice enough to give Sarah and I hugs after we finished a good 2 hours after he did.

My reward!!!!

After a few pints, it is time to pick up the gear. Not a lot of bikes left.... didn't everyone have a few hoppy beverages after the Half Ironman like we did???

Tom is drunk. Or he just likes to sit on the ground next to his bike.

What do you eat after competing for almost 6 hours? You order the number 9. That's right. On the menu, it is the #9. We are talking pork loin, calamari, fried egg and french fries. It also came with salad but I told them to hold it because I thought it was too much. You don't see this combination every day in the States......oh yeah, and that's a weiss beer in the picture thank you very much.

In the evening, it was time for a few more liquid rewards. Michael wanted 'Euro trash' music so we hit the 18 and over clubs. Tom and I with our self portrait. If you can believe it, this was early in the evening.

It's all fun and games until it is time to go to the airport and the shuttle driver doesn't take you to the right one. Does Girona really sound like Barcelona? Needless to say I ended up taking two trains, crying and still missing my flight home. Here's a picture of my crap at the Calella train station. Note to self: NEVER, EVER, EVER travel with your bike unless it has wheels on the box or case.

My saviors when British Airways closed their counter after I missed the flight. Thank goodness for low cost airlines. Stupid shuttle driver.... oh how I love travel.....

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