Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Year Wiser?

I'd like to think that I'm another year wiser but looking back on a few things, I'm starting to doubt that. What I am however, is officially another year older. I won't go into all my recent reflection (I almost wrote 'deep' reflection and that made me laugh) as my birthday tends to be a time when I reflect on the year and try to figure out what my next year will bring. On top of that, I try to determine what kind of person I am going to be - will I keep looking back? Will I move forward? Or am I on some crazy sideways path the might even bring me right back to where I started from? (See why I almost used the word deep?) In any case, it is a time to celebrate and try and have a little fun with MY day. So - I'm off to Italy tomorrow as a present to myself. :o)

Speaking of presents, my English friends came over the other night and presented me with a very fitting gift. A proper kettle! I think it might be more for them than for me since they were tired of popping round or staying for dinner and then being denied their tea. No more! They'll turn me into a right Brit soon......

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