Monday, June 29, 2009

Italy and Switzerland...more cycling

I joined a CA cycling buddy and good friend on his trip to Italy. We stayed with another friend in Switzerland just across the border. It was a new experience cycling with my passport as we would cross the border several times each ride.

Self service milk!!! This was heaven for me.

Oscar brings the milk bottles and fills us up.

One of the views from Oscar's backyard.

One of the views over Lake Lugano. We climbed up, up,up and I was SLOW.

The face I make when I try to get on a bicycle where the saddle is too high.

Not a bad view when stopping for a mechanical adjustment.

Something very cool about cycling in Italy - fountains. All the cyclists only have one water bottle on their bike because there is a public fountain in every town, village and city.

Some fountains are so big you could also wash your clothes!

Others were quite decorative. Err... that's a nice way of saying a bit scary.

And still others were decorated with statues. Water, water everywhere and each a drop to drink...

Stopping to play tourist with the beautiful view.

Oscar rests while Dave fixes a puncture. Again, not a bad view.

And finally Dave and I pose for a photo over the lake. It was his vacation that I poached so special thanks to him for inviting me along. Gosh, I think he is skinnier than me now! More photos from the non-cycling part of the vacation next.


Anna Vargas said...

Lynda - great photos! When do you work? I am very jealous! I loved Italy and the great, cold, free water that was available every where. Looks like you are living up the Europe experience.

Lynda said...

C'mon Anna - you of all people should know just how much you can pack into a long weekend! Trust me, I am working plenty these days. So much that I need another vacation....